Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc. Acquires Rock Polymers Inc.

Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc. Acquires Rock Polymers Inc.

December 23rd, 2015 by

Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Rock Polymers, Inc./Tesco, Inc. from Mark and Lynn Slinger.  Based in Rollinsville, Colorado, Rock Polymers/Tesco is a leading engineering and manufacturing provider of synthetic parts for the Aggregate, Mining, and Industrial markets.

“This acquisition complements and significantly expands the portfolio of Buffalo Wire’s synthetic products for the Aggregate, Mining and Industrial markets. Mark and Lynn Slinger have always impressed us as a key supplier and we are ecstatic to add the Rock Polymers/Tesco team to Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc. The synthetics manufacturing business that Rock Polymers has built and their engineering capabilities to manufacturer urethane products aligns perfectly with our strategic global manufacturing and growth goals. Over the last 15 years Buffalo Wire Works has transformed our domestic wire manufacturing operation into a global leader of screening media products, wear parts and accessories. Buffalo Wire Works remains vigilant for additional acquisitions, global strategic alliances and distribution opportunities”, said Joseph M. Abramo, CEO, Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc.

“Over the years we have significantly increased our business with Buffalo Wire Works and we have thoroughly enjoyed our growing relationship. After seeing how Buffalo Wire has heavily invested into the synthetics manufacturing side of their business, Lynn and myself thought it would be exciting to join the Buffalo Wire team to support their continued global growth”, said Mark Slinger, Vice President, Rock Polymers, LLC. (Rock Polymers LLC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc.)

“In the industries we serve, our customers require that we deliver the most comprehensive technical solutions. To fully address these demands, we must offer a complete solutions package from all aspects of Screening Media to Quarry & Mining Supplies, such as Manganese Crusher Parts, Wear Liners, Conveyor Belting and Conveyance Systems. There are very few companies globally that can match our technical depth and diverse product offering. The acquisition of Rock Polymers has immense reciprocating synergy with Buffalo Wires’ core products and immediately brings a full scale high quality offering of polymers to all customers in traditional markets as well as new market segments. By combining a wide range of synthetic manufacturing capabilities with Buffalo Wire’s High Tech/R&D Engineering team, the development and launch of new exciting products is greatly accelerated. From traditional to new synthetic applications, Buffalo Wire is quickly emerging as the clear leader in the design and development of innovative value-added customer solutions”, said Dominic Nasso, Executive Vice President of Sales, Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc.

About Rock Polymers LLC

Rock Polymers/Tesco is a global engineering and manufacturing provider of synthetic parts for the Aggregate, Mining and Industrial markets. Rock Polymers LLC/Tesco has highly advanced engineering techniques that enables them to quickly and cost effectively develop tooling for a wide range of replacement OEM products. These products include screening media, tension mats, chutes, bins, tube support covers, deck support covers, X member liners, screw flight liners, crown bar protectors, spray nozzles, belt wipers, anchor pins, anchor sleeves, knock in bars, conversion slips, poly mounting rails, intermediate strips, etc.

About Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc.

Buffalo Wire Works is a global engineering company that manufacturers and markets screening media, wear parts and associated accessories to the Aggregate/Mining, Industrial and Architectural markets. Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc. develops, manufactures and markets Wire Screens, Urethane Screens, Rubber Screens, Specialty Screens, PFX (hybrid screens), PFX-HT Screens, Plate Screens, Industrial Screens, Manganese Wear Parts, Conveyor Belting and all associated accessories.


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