Woven Wire – Gator Wire™

Gator Wire™ is Buffalo Wire Works’ proven premium hybrid wire that combines high tensile strength with ductility to withstand the trauma of product impact and vibration fatigue.

Replace old-fashioned, oil tempered screens and put GatorWire™ to work for you. Gator Wire™, stainless steel and other alloys can be supplied in a wide range of diameters per screen type.

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aggregate woven wire

aggregate woven wire










Gator Wire is our primary wire available in every Woven Wire Screen option. The following are several types of Gator Wire that we offer:

Clean Thru™

Clean Thru™ is a self-cleaning, exact sizing, crimp style screen. This product is a combination of straight wire and crimped wire in a square opening design. This engineered technology provides excellent vibration differentiation, making it ideal when pegging is a problem; for example, in coal mining, virgin asphalt, cement, wash plants, and mason sand uses. Clean Thru™ will eliminate problems by increasing effective open area of the deck. As products are sorted and sized through this revolutionary media, plugging is dramatically reduced.

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Clean Weave™

Clean Weave™ is Buffalo Wire Works’ high-quality weave, designed with a combination of straight wires and crimped wires rotated 90 degrees or flat. This weave eliminates blinding while providing accurate sizing and maximum production. Clean Weave™ screens are particularly efficient in the screening and sizing of sand, gravel, asphalt, coal, topsoil, crushed stone, blasted rock, compost, and much more.

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Clean Slot™

Clean Slot is ideal for jobs requiring de-sanding and quick elimination of fines for asphalt chip production. It has proven successful in producing manufactured sand, slag, ag-lime and lightweight aggregates.

  • Self-cleaning screen
  • Unique three-dimensional weave
  • Slotted screen design with elongated openings
  • Maximum open area
  • Designed with alternating straight and crimped wires
  • Crimped wires absorb energy and vibrate rapidly
  • Less production time in “stop and clean” work
  • Consistent product and quality output
  • Ideal when processing high moisture materials
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Slotted Screens™

Buffalo Wire Works offers a full range of slotted screens that increase screening efficiency and reduce blinding. This advantage is achieved by tensioning the screen panels so that the long straight wires generate a vibrating action, helping to free lodged particles. The significant open area of slotted screens is ideal for cleaning up material when passing elongated particles and slivers is not a concern. The use of slotted screens is ideal when sizing accuracy is secondary to screening capacity.

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Buffalo Harp™

Buffalo Wire has re-engineered and now manufactures the Buffalo Harp speed screen with individually tensioned wires in order to maximize screening efficacy. The Buffalo Harp screen is most efficient in the dry screening of sand, gravel, loam, topsoil, mulch, compost, golf sand and much more.

  • Re-engineered hook for fast and easy installation
  • Molded polyurethane strips to prevent steel-on-steel wear
  • Available in premium high tensile wire and stainless steel
  • Engineered to decrease your cost per ton
  • Exceptional performance in removing fines
  • Self-cleaning action with wet and sticky materials
  • Efficiently handles material shock loads
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Fits various applications
  • Maximum open area
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