Buffalo Wire Works Innovations in Engineering

Buffalo Wire Works Innovations in Engineering

September 18th, 2017 by

Buffalo Wire Works is constantly engineering new and innovative products to cater to our customer’s ever-changing unique applications. With such a wide variety of customers with different needs, our engineers are continuously working to create custom products to solve the toughest screening problems.  Recently, our engineering and operations teams rose to the occasion to design and manufacture high performing urethane trommel screens and urethane magnetic liners.

Urethane Trommel Screens

One of our most recent custom projects was designing and manufacturing a urethane trommel screen.  Our customer uses a trommel screener and needed a newly designed screen which would both increase the percent of open area and also improve the structural integrity of the screen. After discussions with our customer to ensure we understood the application and the product requirements, we proposed a urethane trommel screen with a unique steel reinforcement design. Tooling was designed to meet precisely our customer’s requirements as well as to create a quick set up time and ease of operation. The urethane material was spec’d out specifically for the application to increase wear life.  After the urethane screen was poured and cured, the screen was rolled to exactly fit the customer’s machine. The customer was able to easily install the newly designed urethane trommel screen in its machine.  Our customer is very satisfied with the performance and wear life of the screen and specifically noted that the lower amount of downtime and maintenance required helped its business.

Magnetic Liners

magnetic liners

Recently, Buffalo Wire Works has been innovating a product line of urethane magnetic liners to release into the market.  Our engineers have been industriously designing a liner that will be an industry leader in magnetic pull strength and wear life. In order to create a liner that would have the best possible quality and work in all ranges of applications, we tested numerous styles and categories of magnets with various pulling forces. Additionally, we developed a new design which doubles the magnetic force in the liner, providing increased strength with fewer magnets, therefore keeping the cost down for our customers. Tooling was then engineered for a fail safe operation, providing quick set up and repeatability. One of our recent magnetic liner customers stated that they had been running the liner for 270 hours at 625TPh, totaling over 168,000 tons, with no movement of the liner and showing little signs of wear! A bonus? The customer is really excited they don’t have to weld plate anymore!

Looking Ahead

One of our exciting upcoming projects involves redesigning our dewatering panels with a new tooling design for heavy load applications. We have engineered our panels to create a stronger and more sustainable product.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming products and contact our Inside Sales Specialists for more information on ordering your own! 716.826.4666